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Eenan Ma

Eenan Ma is an independent filmmaker and videographer currently based in Dublin, Ireland. She graduated from Northeastern University in Media and Screen Studies in 2020. Originally from Nanjing, China, Eenan has lived and worked as a professional filmmaker in the US, China, and Ireland. Her directing and producing experiences range from feature films and documentaries to TVCs.

In 2017, Eenan directed and produced the short documentary When You Look Like Me. Her other short films include Lo (2015) and Chase (2014), screened on JSTV. During her time at Shanghai Gwantsi Production in 2018, she collaborated with agencies such as BBDO, Ogilvy, as well as award-winning directors, on TVC projects including Mercedes Benz, Shanghai Disney Reserve, Tencent Video, Huawei, and Baidu. In 2019, she joined Small Angst Films, where she worked as a production associate on Girl Talk (2022), a feature documentary by award-winning filmmaker Lucia Small.

In 2020, Eenan wrote and directed You Are What You Eat, a feature film about a young woman’s journey of grieving her father’s death by exploring his legacy through cooking. The project is produced by Shanghai LemonTree Media and is currently in post-production.

In 2022, Eenan joined Radii Media as a junior producer. She produced, edited, and managed projects such as Valkyrie on Ice, Way of the Warrior, Shoegazing in China’s La La Land, and A Game of Life. She was able to work closely with the editorial team and develop bilingual content that attracts international audiences, as well as manage content using SEO and CMS.

In September 2022, Eenan joined Media Milk in Dublin as an editor on feature film projects such as Big House and Baltimore (MarVista Entertainment), as well as TVC projects such as Newbridge Silverware.


Eenan is also an actor who started acting at a young age. Her voice acting work includes Ling (Lead) in Dad’s Fish (2007), produced by Jiangsu Broadcasting Co. China. The radio drama won Best Radio Drama at Jiangsu Provincial Broadcasting Awards. She also played Yue (Lead) in I Want To Go To Beijing (2008), which won Outstanding Radio Drama at National Five One Project Awards. Her theater work includes Ginny (Supporting) in Dead Poets Society, which won Outstanding Production at NFLS Theater Festival in 2013, Beneatha (Supporting) in A Raisin In The Sun, nominated for Best Female Monologue at EdTA China Young Thespian Festival in 2014, and Erica (Supporting) in Confidential Informant, a Northeastern University Theater Department production in 2020.

With much determination, Eenan hopes to bring different perspectives together through a unique artistic vision.


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