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Way of the Warrior: A New Generation of Chinese MMA Fighters

Way of the Warrior: A New Generation of Chinese MMA Fighters

Produced and filmed across China and the USA, RADII Studios' new 2-part film reveals the struggles, challenges and triumphs that Chinese fighters face while chasing their MMA championship dreams. Witness the fiery resolve of notable Chinese athletes — many from humble backgrounds — as they chase their dreams to become the world's best in MMA. See how this sport transcends cultural and national boundaries as these athletes and trainers come together from all parts of the world in their pursuit of a common passion for athletic excellence. We follow young fighters in training, but also former world champions and UFC Hall of Famers. Episode 1 introduces the mixed martial arts sport in China via interviews with two leading Chinese female MMA fighters and their trainers from the USA and Australia. Featuring: Shi Ming, Zhang Weili (guest), Richy Walsh (UFC), Ruben Payan Jr (Stride Gym), Tim Roberts (UFC), with Nicolas Atkin (sports editor, SCMP) as host. Film awards: Cannes World Film Festival - Best Sports Film London Movie Awards - Official Selection International Independent Film Awards - Platinum Award Los Angeles Asian Film Awards - Official Selection Los Angeles Film Awards - Best Documentary Film About RADII: RADII (rā'dē-ī’) is an independent platform of artists, writers, and creators who share vibrant stories from the rarely explored sides of modern Asian culture. Get more at: instagram_ twitter_ facebook_ #RADII #WayoftheWarrior #MMA #China
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